Hebatbhoy Abdeali
Importers - Exporters of
Botanical & Medicinal Herbs,
& Spices

Since 1917

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Company Profile

Hebatbhoy Abdeali  was established in 1917 in Bombay as Exporters &
Importers of Botanical & Medicinal Herbs & Spices and has continued
to grow and has become a market force in the Herbs & Spice Industry.

Hebatbhoy Abdeali  has developed wide contacts and have established 
strong  relationships  with suppliers. Hebatbhoy Abdeali  keeps  in 
Constant touch with these suppliers, seeks and evaluates the  ideal 
sources and  hence are able  to offer the  best quality at the best 

Hebatbhoy Abdeali  has  enormous  storage capacity,  including cold 
storage  facilities and hence, supplies are never threatened.

Hebatbhoy Abdeali continues  to stick  to  its  goals  of providing 
Superb value to its customers by giving  them the  highest level of
Quality at the most competitive rates.
Hebatbhoy Abdeali 's  reputation for  quality, timely  delivery and 
competitive pricing increased the demand for their exports  & hence, 
in 1991, a new  concern was  formed to  exclusively  manage exports,
in  the  name of   M/s  Yunus  Exports. Today   Yunus  Exports  are 
exporting  Botanical  &  Medicinal  Herbs &  Spices to the American,
European, Gulf & Asian  Markets.

Contact Details

L- 55 A.P.M.C. Market No.1, Phase II, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400 705.
Tel. (91-22) 41315253